Shadowbane goes free-to-play

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Shadowbane goes free-to-play

Post by Bevan »

Subscriptions are being dropped and Ubisoft are looking into alternate revenue models.

Although a problematic start (not least of which being the Euro distributor going into liquidation prior to release), I actually thought the game offered something very different to the other mmorpgs on the scene. It was definately a game where I missed a strong CW presence with its politics and warfare - could have been great :)

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Post by Mart »

I have been playing SB for a while again - Its changed alot but for the better however its not the greatest game all round. PvP is fun but can prove one sided with lots of 1 vs more battles. I have managed to rebuild my thief and spend time slaying players at banks but its not as profitable as it was :)

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Post by JD »

Played it together with Mimer for some time. The politics kinda wrecked it for me there.
It never was be a game where the majority of CW would feel at home imho.
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