9 Dragons

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9 Dragons

Post by Bevan »

At last, an upcoming mmorpg based in a far east fantasy setting rather than the more traditional euro-fantasy.

Acclaim have a new owner and have been restructured with a focus on online games. Their first MMORPG is 9 Dragons, a martial arts epic (think Crouching Tiger) set in ancient china during the ming dynasty. Not a great deal of info on the website yet other than some concept art, rendered movies and links to interviews but the beta signup form is available already.

I've been waiting for a decent mmorpg-come-far east fantasy-come-martial arts-fest :) I was surprised none of the big boys (other than EA with a recent UO expansion) have tried their arm with a mmorpg with an eastern flavour yet, with the rich history and mythology available to the creators - and no I don't count FFXI :)

9Dragons is tentatively scheduled for release in November of this year, with Open beta possibly as soon as August. I hope they pull it off as it should offer something different to the genre. One I'll be keeping an eye on anyway.


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Post by Tara Windsong »

As happy as I am for you that you will have a new toy to play around with so unimpressed I am on the other side as this scenario is not my cup of tea. It's simply not my world :)

Have fun there!
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Post by Mafti »

anyone ever tried it?

it's free to play ;)
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Post by OBC_Blutmond »

I played a shaolin and a Brotherhood of thieves char until cheng 1 of revolving chakra.

in short: nothing to get too excited about. If you are looking for a free game and are into far east martial arts, then try it out. acclaim adds a lot of content and tho nobody ever mentioned it, it looks to me like an open beta for a subscription game later on.

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