Spain ban P2P :O

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Spain ban P2P :O

Post by Bevan »

A new Spanish intellectual property law has made unauthorised P2P illegal. Seems they are really targetting ISPs, but the law isn't restricted to them so no downloads for personal use. They are also taxing blank media (CDs, memory sticks etc) in order to reimburse the owner of the copyright - yikes! If you listen real hard you can hear the worms wriggling in the open can ;)

Full story below.

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Post by Mafti »

i laugh at the taxes on blank media...
they have been doing that for ages here in Holland. :(
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Post by Jonah »

The swedish "insurance" companies ( and are offering "pirate insurance", i.e. they will pay fines for P2P users for a fee of 150 SEK pr. year. Good luck with that business idea.

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