would like to join

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would like to join

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Hi !

Some of you might know me as Devirr, an ORC member in DAoC. and EQ2 .
The reason I would like to join CW is that the 2 greatets friends i got in the gaming world are as of now members of CW.
Those would be Jaer and his loverly keeper Neeala :roll:
I have known them since the glorious days of AC1 and know them in RL to.. even if I aint from UK .

So if you would have an undead warrior extra in the guild i would be very glad :)
Since after al it is about playing with friends and some of you guys i actually met in the beta and in DAoC, so i sure consider you as friends to :D

Since i am lousy at writing posts like this an english aint my main language, anny questions you have just ask em. Here or in game

Char name is Fionn

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