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Post by HootMcToot »

Hi guys. There's a small handful of us ORCs who're planning to have a bash at this and I was wondering if there was any Wulfies planning on playing? Be nice to have a few more friendly faces about :)

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Tara Windsong
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Post by Tara Windsong »

Hiya :) Not sure I ever heard any Wulfie mention this game before so I wouldn't count on it although we have a few that are trying everything that looks like an online game ;)
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Post by Antarion »

I am a lot into Battlefield 2 at the moment - no go for me i am afraid.
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Post by JD »

Don't know the game, I'll read up on it this weekend
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Post by Blackjack »

I was in the beta ages ago but didn't play much as I didn't really enjoy it.
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Post by Kibs »

Beta improved massively towards the end. Was a good game, although I never got to try the Convoy thing.....

Still cant play it at the moment and by the time I get back there will be something else....

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