Lost Tauren seek new home

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Lost Tauren seek new home

Post by Brosk »

Greetings all and everyone,

I just arrived to Rune Totem from an RP server. Had a couple of traumatic first levels since I kinda slid back into rp and played my new tauren warrior as an old dwarf. No success hehe. Eventually dropped the dwarven accent and people actually started to understand me.
On the rp server I was in the same guild as Jasmijn and we have come to know each other very well. When mentioning that I might change to a normal server she encouraged me to come to Rune Totem. And since she talks so well about Clan Wulf I figured I'd give it a try and apply here. So, here I am - Brosk, a Tauren warrior lvl19...looking for a new home.

I am not a wow veteran. Been playing since late last year - dwarf warrior, more into tanking than damage dealing. Done some instances but not all - and thanks to Jasmijns whispers I have not made too much of a fool of myself...just the occasional wipes every now and then to spice things up. I'm 42 years, lives in stockholm. Had the nickname Mr Grumpy before I discovered coffee in the morning. Nowadays I am pretty friendly most of the time. And..oh yes...I have absolutely no quarrel with ponies...unless they bite me.

For inside info - talk to Jasmijn :-)



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Max Wulf
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Post by Max Wulf »

Hi Brosk, Welcome to Runetotem!!!

Im sure Jasmijn has already explained our policy on recruitment; we like to get to know people first before extending an invite (helps to make sure you can tolerate our usually crazy nature :p )
As you already know one of us thats a great start :)
I have a lvl26 Tauren Shaman (named Quantock), add him to your friends list and if you see me online i'll happily join up for some questing!
-= Max =-

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Post by Brosk »

thanks for the welcome!
I'll keep an eye out for Quantock :-)
Sound thinkin' - not inviting total strangers. I'll be around. Let's see what comes of it.

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Post by Leah »

Hi Brosk
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I´m old enough to know better, but I´m still too young to care ;)

Come and paint a picture and leave a message in our baby´s special guestbook-> having a painting book on her website: www.unserbaby.ch/Vivian-Alea

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Post by Grimwart »

*wave* Hi there :)
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Post by Brosk »

Hi Leah *smiles

Hi Grimwart *waves*

Grim wart...since I am a herbie...I might have a potion...it will be totally confidential...give me a whisp *grins*


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Post by Mimer »

Grim wart...since I am a herbie...I might have a potion...it will be totally confidential
And Hi Brosk! Most of us have chars that are around Your level, so give us
a shout when You see the CW tag, or whisper any of us.
Those that I play most is in my sig.
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Post by Brosk »

I guess I am not lost anymore :-)
Thanks for the invitation. And now the REALLY hard work starts...tryind to learn which alts are played by who, hehe.
I was looking for a more laid back game experience, and judging from the people I have met so far it can't get much more laid back. I had a lot of fun with you in WC. It will be great to get to know ye all.
And as I am the new cow in the pasture...if I step on somebodies toes or cross some line - let me know. I usually learn after repeating the same mistake a couple of times *grins*.

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Tara Windsong
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Post by Tara Windsong »

Hiya no-longer-lost-cow-on-the-pasture ;)

I adjusted your access rights to these forums so you can also snoop around in our private members boards now! Enjoy the ride and if there are any problems ...

*discreetly points to the almighty board wizard Antarion*
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Post by Tora »

Welcome, welcome, Välkommen!

Nice to see more Swedes :D
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