please let me join

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please let me join

Post by Morgax »

hi everybody

my name is benjamin. i search a nice guild where i can learn to play world of warcraft. your member blackmore said me that its more easy to learn on a pve server as pvp where is started playing. he also said that he can show me something and that i may join your guild.

my character name is morgax. if you want some more information just ask me.


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Post by Duvi »

You are Blackmore's neighbour right?
I wished my neighbours played too, I think I'd prefer wow sounds then the Jackson five at 3:00 in the night : /.

I got a dozens of characters, so might have one that can accompagny you a bit :).


Post by Inoxi »

Hi Benjamin :) Good to see you around, I'll link this to the Members Section. Contact me ingame :)

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Post by Antarion »

Looks like you made it.... ;)
Welcome to the madhouse!

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Post by Luzzle »

Welcome to the family :) You got that initiation curse cast on you :)

I'll invite as soon as i see you ingame.

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Post by Leah »

Herzlich Willkommen Benjamin!
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