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Requesting invitation

Post by Duskfire »

Hi, some of you may remember me from UO or Dark Age of Camelot and many of you have never heard of me but I, my younger brother and our mother recieved our initiation a long time ago into this warm and kind guild who'm we for a long time held dear untill we in Dark Age of Camelot went our different ways, my fiancee would also love to join so we could enjoy this game together with you all.

Duskfire AKA Chrome

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Post by Mimer »

Chrome (Matte) haven't been on the board for a long ime so he forgot the pwd :wink:
He is my nephew, a matter of fact there is a pic of him in my knee in our gallery, taken
when he was newborn :D
I know Chrome's fiancee very well. They live and play together, and I can really vouch for her (not only because we have the same occupation) :D

And I am happy You're back with us Matte!
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Elder Scrolls Online
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EMAIL: [email protected]

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Post by Raven »

Nice to see you back Matte :)

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MSN/Email:- [email protected]

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Post by JD »

Welcome back Chrome, I remember hunting with you in Daoc :)
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Post by Duvi »

Hello Duskfire :)

There will be lots of new faces for you in CW, and I'm one of them.
Nice that your fiancee plays wow too! Much more fun to play together :)
See you around in Azeroth!

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