Application: Torec, lvl60 hunter

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Application: Torec, lvl60 hunter

Post by Torec »

Here's some information about me:


Torec, lvl60 Tauren hunter

Profile: ... =Runetotem

Raid experience:

MC complete, ZG complete, AQ20 Buru, Onyxia complete

Attuned to:


Real life me:

I'm 16 years old student from Finland.

Why i want to join:

I want to join Clan Wulf becouse i have been guildless since Asamith died, and i want to join nice, helpful guild that does raids and where are people that are fun to play with and know what to do.
Hopefuly i can join.

My regards,
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Post by Jonah »

Would be nice if you could actually write some information about yourself, where you come from, what you do etc.

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Post by Torec »

Ok, i edited my application, so now it has little information about IRL-me

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Post by Duvi »

Thanks :)
Although Jonah could also have not asked it - it doesn't really matter.
Clan Wulf doesn't recruit massively or openly, we merely accept people into the guild. Those people have to be people someone within the guild knows IRL and who can vouch for that person, or family from someone within the guild (usually you know your family too btw), or if several members have a long friendship with someone ingame.

Also, Clan Wulf is not a raiding style guild. Ofcourse we raid, and we raid quite often, but fun&friendship is more imporant then loot&kills. Clan Wulf wasn't born in WoW, it exists for about 9 years now, and will keep on existing till after wow. So if you join Clan Wulf, you join the whole guild and not onlye the people in wow.

I hope you understand now why we reject your application, unless ofcourse you know someone from within the guild very well.

Good luck with your further search for a guild, and have fun in Azeroth!

Kind Regards,


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Post by Tara Windsong »

Dear Torec,

as Luqu already pointed out Clan Wulf does not recruit so I'm really sorry that I have to turn down your nice application.

I wish you all the best on your future hunts and hope you will find a guild where you can feel at home and have fun playing :)

Safe travels!

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