lvl 60 rogue wants to join

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lvl 60 rogue wants to join

Post by grazagov »

hi iam grazagov

iam a lvl 60 ud rogue
build = 31/5/15
ive got wow since the release
gear : just regular gear bleu with some darkmantle some shadowcraft and stuff
guild where i used to be in :
knights of the nether : splitup
jacabara : splitup
charons embrace : sort of splitup
shadowmane tribe : after the union break all the smt members where aloud to go to poc but i was the only 1 that didnt get accepted :(
then i was searching for a raid guild but i needed to raid 24/7 what i couldnt do in guilds like (borderland legion and riddlebox and slackers)
atm iam in shadow crypt they raid but they aint that good (yesterday we whiped 5 times at 1e boss in aq 20) then i saw CROW i though lets make an aply so that wat iam doing :)
hope u will accept me :)

grazagov. :razz:

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Post by JD »

We are flattered that you would like to join us Grazagov but I'm afraid I have to refer to the same answers Torec was given

I hope you understand.
Best of luck finding a guild that suits your playing style.
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Post by Tara Windsong »

Greetings Grazagov :)

As JD said we are honoured that you wish to join Clan Wulf but I'm sorry to confirm that we do not recruit at the moment, and we won't do so in the near future.

I wish you all the best and hope you will find a nice guild that suits you and your playstyle.

Take care and safe travels!
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