A New Dawn

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A New Dawn

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Greetings Clan Wulff!

I bring you the good wishes of Queen Freya, the leader of the Emerald Knights in Aquilonia.

Our gracious leader would let it be known that she offers Clan Wulff the hand of friendship so that there may be mutual support and trust in the New World of Hyboria.

We welcome the chance to once again work with our allies from the lands of Brittania.

Our town of New Trinsic shall rise in the the hills of Poitane as soon as enough taxes have been raised, Clan Wulff will of course always be welcome to walk in our streets and shops.

Long Live Queen Freya!


Emissary for The Emerald Knights.

Hi guys. You made a post on the Emerald Knights forums a while back saying you were on Aquillonia and would like to join with your old allies. Well we would like to take you up on the offer of an alliance.

Freya is actually the real life wife of Borric our old GM who is staying in WoW for the moment. We have a few of our old UO team in AoC and I suppose the one you are most likely remember is Belgarion who resides in AoC under the name of Bellicose.

I doubt you will know me as I was a fairly late recruit to EK in UO. My main EK character was a rather poor mage called Weevil, but I also adventured with a warrior called Barbus and a rogue named Dan Lucre.

The public parts of our new forum are not yet open until we finalise the leadership set up in AoC and I will post details as soon as they are up, but if you need to contact us feel free to use the General EK public foum at

Thanks for listening.

(edits for typos. I really need my specs at this time in the morning)


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Thank you Emerald Knights and Vortigern,

We are thrilled to meet the honourable Emerald Knights again. Let old friendships not be forgotten and once again tighten our bonds of friendship !

We thank you for the offer and we gladly accept it.

Oh my I saw more than a few Emerald Knight guildtags run past. And I was thinking , hey didnt I know a guild on UO Drachenfels with that name :) Good memories are surfacing..
Thinking back I remember the Emerald Knights, sorry but the only person I can remember is Borric. As I fully trusted Borric and his guild in UO, I will gladly rekindle our friendship in AoC.

Not sure under which name Borric might remember me (if at all ;) ) but then it must have been ages ago since I played UO (I estimate 8 years). Zyrcis, Srikrit, Gehaktdag, Kirita, Ghorkin....
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