Hello everyone

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Hello everyone

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Hey all,

Thought that I'd say hi, being new and all.

Well first off you could probably get to know me as Elunai's cousin, I also know Gruggmokk =)

I'm looking forward to playing Warhammer so much I can barely hold in my excitment. I have a decent history of MMORPG's... Lineage II, WoW, EVE. Though wasn't a long term investment for WoW really. I've stopped them all in anycase.

An urge to head back on over to L2 is gripping me =D I may have to give in, or try and resist, I cant quite decide just yet.

In Lineage II, I played a Dark Wizard (for those that havent played, a Dark Elf dps mage). Occasionally played Blade Dancer (again, Dark Elf support, melee)

WoW, I tried my hand at a pally, retribution.

And EVE... well... I played =D

My general class will be a mage, damage dealing from afar is by far my favourite option. Though never ask me to heal =( I am quite a terrible healer unfortunately. Same goes for tanking. I havent had enough experience of it to be any good, but if someone were to teach me how I'd no doubt give it a go.

I like to learn =D And I tend to learn quickly.

Oh as a sidenote I play FPS too =p, Call of Duty 4 on PS3 is the main one.

Any other questions, feel free to ask me!


EDIT: Ahh, just remembered... I have a few years experience with Warhammer and 40K. So I like to think I know quite a bit about the setting and what not :P Not as much as some people I know, but enough to get by hehe.

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I'm really looking forward to you getting to meet everyone! I know they're going to get on great with you :)

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Welcome to the boards, Elunai's cousin ;) And hopefully soon welcome to the family!

Just a few more days of waiting ... and don't resist the urge to go back to a game you liked. I succumbed to the ancient lure and went back to Everquest 2 for a bit until Warhammer is open for us to storm it ;)
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and as usual a lot more ;)

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Looking forward to see you and all the Wulfies in WAR! :)

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Hey welcome Cefor, looking forward to meet you in game :)
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Post by Grimwart »

Greeting, welcome to the party :)

Interesting to hear you played some warhammer and 40K, that's more then me! I did once purchase a couple of copies of White Dwarf magazine tho, so I saw a little bit of what to expect.

Not long now until we can meet in game :angel:
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Yeah, the tabletop game is quite fun if you have a few mates to play against.
Reading the fiction also helps with the Lore and stuff (obviously haha) so try and get a hold of one of the books if you can.

Can't wait to get ingame with you peeps either =P

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Post by JD »

I played warhammer fantasy both the roleplaying game as the tabeltop, but in the end I prefered painting the minis over playing those games :)
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Post by Mafti »

I played the starters-kit of warhammer 40K.
Liked it, but too much trouble and the painting is so not me.
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