[WAR] Hello

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Sensis [Crawler]
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[WAR] Hello

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Hello everyone,
Since I found out that Dhun/Gruggmokk and Co. and Elunai are going to play WAR I knew I was gonna stal…umm follow them in this game too. Because they’re so much fun to be around I decided to make it some sort of a tradition to play every MMO alongside them – well at least until it starts to freak them out and hide from me of course.<br>
Even tho I don’t have a vast MMO experience, only played WoW (still playing it on a casual level as Azael a warlock member of the Borderland Legion here on Runetotem) and some AoC, I quickly came to love this genre and I play it now almost exclusively. <br>
As for Warhammer, I already preordered the CE edition and am anxiously awaiting for the Open Beta where I’ll be messing around with several classes. When the live version comes, I haven’t decided yet what class I’ll be playing as I like them all. I will probably play a pure DPS class as a main (will chose between Witch Elf and Magus) and have a DPS/healer hybrid as a twink.<br>
Well enough blabber from me, looking forward to seeing you guys and girls in WaR .

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Well, I guess I'll see you in game some time. Im looking to play Dark Elf Sorceress :)

Unfortunately I havent pre ordered the game, so i have to wait until the actual release before I get to play :( boo me.

See you around :)

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Tara Windsong
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Welcome to our world, Azael, and I'm looking forward to meeting you in WAR!

Btw, you are right, Elu and Grugg and great people to have around ;) That's why we nicked them ... *evil grin*
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Hi Az, nice to have you here :)
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Azaaaaaaael! Great to see you again! Really looking forward to seeing more of you in Warhammer! This is going to be seriously cool having most of my favourite people all in one place again!

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Hey Azael :-)

Heise IT-Markt [Crawler]
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Sounds Awesome ! =)

I see a bright future for pvp here and a very very bloody future for those who dare to stand in our way ;)

Glad to have you here Azael

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Hi, welcome on board :D
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Welcome :)

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Heya Az


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Post by Mart »

ello there

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