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So today is the day I started playing Warhammer =). As I already knew Kyro, Gukma, Wogroipl and Mafti (and probably more? o.O) they invited us (me and my guy, whose ingame name I don't know yet) to join Clan Wulf, so that's what I already did and he will do.

For my mmorpg history, I started by playing Dransik , which is a small game no one knows and would be boring if I started it now, but i fell in love with the game and the whole mmorpg thing. Later I played some free games until eventually i started playing GuildWars and even later WoW. I haven't really finished WoW yet (only just reached outland) but it's so much fun to start a game when everything is new and fresh that i decided to start warhammer now, and keep WoW to fall back too.

As for my irl life, I'm 22, student, female, live in Delft in the Netherlands. My spare time is mainly filled up by playing computer games and doing something we like to call 'bierzuipenkutroepen'. Which I usually do with the people mentioned before (and lots of others).

Eah, that will have to do for now!

Oooh, my ingame names will probably be nice to know =).

So far I only created Munch yet, but I will probably get myself a Little Wolf, Lillioriga, Lotha Kal'daka and/or a Richka. Those are the names I usually use.

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Very nice to meet you Munch :)

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Nice to meet you :) And if Mafti and Wogi vouch for you ... then welcome to the family soon!
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i do?
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Heyy, looking forward to meeting you ingame

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If brute force doesnt solve your problems, you are not using enough of it.

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Mafti wrote:i do?
Unless there's another Mafti in Delft that spams over Wolbonet?

But I admit I know Kyro and Gukma better.

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