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By invitation of Gukma and Kyro I'm joining clan Wulf. Im the guy little wolf mentioned earlier :P.

My gaming history started with loom (though my parents played that more), Jill of the Jungle, prehistoric, transport tycoon, wacky wheels, duneII (my first own cd-rom!!), micro machines 2 and lots more. Thats all real old. More recently I played diabloII, from release till a year or so ago. Still my favourite game I think. Unreal Tournament is also a favourite I played a lot.

Together with a friend I started Guild Wars and convinced Little wolf to join, but after two years it wasn't fun anymore, max level is too soon and no item fever. In februari I started Wow and im not really done with that yet, but gaming with friends is more fun, and playing a game from the start is cool too :).

Irl I play Warhammer (Beasts of Chaos) with my cousin sometimes, which is loads of fun, but kind of expensive and time consuming. I love playing soccer and electric guitar. I work and study at the same time, as a geography teacher. Im 25.

In game names will be ..imble, like Timble, Fimble, Gimble, Ximble. Thats because in DnD with some friends my gnome is called Gimble Fimble Timble Dimble (Gimme for friends) and my first Wow character was a gnome so Gimble was a logical choice.

Im only starting now because my computer can't play War, so I had to buy a new one. I'm going to assemble it today, hopefully I'll see some of you tonight online. This weekend Little Wolf and I will start a together character (she'll be Disciple of Khaine, Ill be Chosen).

In RPG's my favourite type is a battle mage, anyone an idea which career in War comes closest to that?

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Nice to have you onboard :)
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Nice to meet you :)

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