Certain death to those who oppose us! (or: Ahoy!)

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Certain death to those who oppose us! (or: Ahoy!)

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just wanted to leave a quick note introducing myself.
I'm Dennis, a mate of Felix/Utuk/Thool/etc and have recently been invited to join Clan Wulf.

Some of you have noticed me making a fool of myself confusing all the lore =) but not much after that.
Well, as life isn't playing fair, i got pretty sick during early access, so I enjoyed it in absence - including feverish dreams of half naked elves. As soon as I felt better again I jumped to my PC and - tadaaa! Early access has expired and Im still waiting on my original copy of the game. Bah!

So, let's hope I will join your ingame ranks again fairly soon.


I'm from Berlin, Germany, 28 years old and a graphic/media designer. I am trying to get myself settled in as a freelancer at the moment.
I was playing Warcraft the past years, till I got bored. Hoping for a fresh new game to get me exited again.

So much for now, hope to see you soon (will post updates on the epic tale of "the mystery of the lost codes and the postman from hell")

Dennis (Chamash) - and yes, im a transvirtual by heart =)

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Hi Dennis, nice to see you here :D

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Nice to meet ya :)
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Ahoy there - finally the sacrificial lambs turn themselves in =)

Welcome to the sikrit halls of the Wulfies and lots of joy and bashin with the Clan.

Hurray !

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Hello :)
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Welcome to the Wulf Den :)

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hiya and welcome :D
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Nice to see you here and hopefully soon ingame! Oh, and welcome to the family ;)
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Hola! Hope to see you ingame sometime.

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