[WAR] Hello from Sinfaelwen

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[WAR] Hello from Sinfaelwen

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Hi everyone

Mafti asked me to post a secret to introduce myself.

My secret is I ... like ... squirrels.

Mafti's secret on the other hand (apart from dressing in womens clothing at the end of a work-day) is a pink, human-sized teddy bear in the closet... [schild=11 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=C0C0C0 shieldshadow=1]lol[/schild]


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Post by Conall »

i knew it!
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Hehe :P welcome Sinfaelwen

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Hi Sinf, nice to see you here! :D

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Post by JD »

hi again Sinf.
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Post by QuaiGong »

Sinf !
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Welcome Sinf :)
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Greets :)
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Nice to meet you :)

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Post by Mart »

Does that thing in the closet require blowing up??

and Hiya!!

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Post by Thorsten »

green and stupid...? - huh!?

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Post by Brax »

We knew that about mafti but the Squirrel thing is deeply disturbing.


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Post by Kibs »

Squirrel..... *shudders*

welcome anyway, just dont bring any to any of our RL meets :)

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