Registering for Access!

If you require access to any of the private forums, please read the post entitled "Registering for Access!" in this forum.
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Registering for Access!

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The Clan Wulf Member Forums are private forums for Clan Wulf members only. If you are not currently a Clan Wulf (trial) member then you may as well stop reading now. You will not be permitted any additional access to our forums. If you are currently a Clan Wulf (trial) member, please read on.

1.) Create an account. If you have not done so already, register an account using the Boards register function. Its important that you use a VALID email address to sign up!

2.) Post a quick note in this forum about needing access. Make sure to include your ingame name(s). Please post a new thread, do not reply to this message.

3.) Confirm with a current CW member/board admin (preferably ingame).

4.) Have that member bump your request in this forum or talk to an admin to get you added to the "CW Members" group.

We will be verifying each and every person that requests additional access and will not process anyone who is not currently a CW (trial) member.

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