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<font color='#000000'>Hello anyone who remembers me.

I sold up about a year ago--Yes all my homes and even my accounts, guess what? I came back 2 weeks ago :(
I have all new chars and all new accounts. I did ask for a dulplicate of my old account chars but "NO WAY" fair enough I suppose.
I have managed to get GM Smith/carp/tailor and tinky on my mule and up to 82 provo on my bard. I am miles away from being any use but I am enjoying it. I have become a noob again :) But to be honest that is kinda fun. I hope this note finds you all well. I have 3 large 4 storey homes in the shadow lands all next to each other which is kinda nice. I have managed to reinstate a guildstone with the abbr NI so I am sort of getting there. Anyway I just called in to say NI to you all and wish you well.</font>

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<font color='#348781'><span style='color:teal'>Well..well :D Hello there, and welcome back :D CW is spread out a bit among realms, not many playing UO at the moment thou I think. We could be found in among other realms: Dark Ages of Camelot, A Tale in the Desert, Eve (beta) EQ2 and a few others that I can't remeber right now. There are still a few with accounts in UO thou, Airmid is one. I think a lot of Wulfies will try Star Wars Galaxy when it comes out this coming fall.
Take care now, hope to see you around, sold the car yet ? :p</span></font>

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I took the liberty to move this to our public forum! =)

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