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Seoma [Crawler]
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Requesting Access

Post by Seoma [Crawler] »


Hi all,

M'names Martin, 38, Scotland. Played pretty much every mmo ever made, last game being AoC. Mate at work (Sykes) suggested I have a look in here, don't ask me his name...I'm horrendous with names...faces I know...he's about this " " beard..and wrinkly...


I'll poke him at work tomorrow to point out I've posted, although he saw my post from last night, so I guess he'll see this one as well.

I will join Warrrgh!! 'Ammer...on the 18th...with all the other sproggs who can't afford CE's....and aren't bored enough to do the beta's...

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Post by QuaiGong »

Hi Martin,

don't know my name eh ? wrinkly ? ffs :P

Anyway , nice you made it here and see you on release online :)

Grimwart changed your permissions a bit so you can see the Warhammer forums :)

Thomas (thats my name :P)
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Post by Grimwart »

Greetings, welcome to the wulf forums :)

The bearded, wrinkly and high one is known as Quai around here :happyhippy:

I've added you to the initiates group so you have access to the private warhammer groups
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Tara Windsong
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Post by Tara Windsong »

Quai? Beard? Since when do you sport a beard????

Anyway, a friend of yours is welcome here too :) Even though he calls you ... *pffffff* wrinkly :P I already like that guy!

Looking forward to meeting you in the final release, Rugs :)
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