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Seoma [Crawler]
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Due to the death of a close friend, i'll be away from mmo gaming for a while, probably until middle of next year. Got alot of things to sort out and his death has caused alot of problems for me.

Good luck all.
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Post by Grimwart »

Sorry to hear that :( Take care!
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I'm very sorry to hear about your loss. Life can be so wonderful ... and within one second everything is shattered.

My heart is with you.
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sorry to hear that Martin :(

Take care
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Post by Mafti »

bummer dude, take care!
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Post by JD »

Take care, and make sure to take your time.
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Post by Bevan »

Sorry to hear that, Rugsta. Good luck to you and see you back here again when you're ready.

Seoma [Crawler]
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I always come back, usually to an empty ship.
Thanks for your comments, with the funeral past I've managed to put most of the pain aside. It's relatively easy to understand when someone dies of natural causes, theres still pain, but when it is something completely unexpected, the shock the pain is intensive. And when it is someone who is like your brother, it is beyond words.

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The pain that death brings is a part of life. But it's a part you never can, or never should get used too. Sorry to hear of your loss mate. Take your time, bring loose ends together. In the end this will bring you strength, even if that right now sounds like crazytalk. Take care.

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Very sorry for your loss, will be thinking of you x

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