Greetings to the Wulfies

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Greetings to the Wulfies

Post by Kilgrim »

After a bunch of hassles with my account, Grimwart kindly managed to handle those yesterday and i thought i'd use the opportunity, make my first post and say hello.


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Post by Raven »

Hi there welcome to the CW forums :)

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Post by Thorsten »

green and stupid...? - huh!?

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Post by ORC_Savrukk »

Lurking everywhere, aren't you?


Hello Kilgrim :lol:

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Post by Grimwart »

Hi there, glad you finally made it :)
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Post by Mafti »

Hi there :)
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Post by Tara Windsong »

Greetings and welcome to our boards, Kilgrim :) Not much going on here, we mostly conspire in secrecy on our private forum but feel free to check the World of Warcraft board. One of our members has a very talented little reporter that writes nice, entertaining stories about the every-day life in Azeroth!
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and as usual a lot more ;)

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Post by QuaiGong »

Hi there Kilgrim, welcome to our boards :)
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Post by Duvi »


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Post by Conall »

Hi there :)
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Post by gorefest »

heya welcome kill...grim??
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