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Forums Back!

Post by Antarion »

Good morning Wulfies,

the board's functionality has been restored.

However, the USER's SQL table had to be reverted to an older backup. If you changed your password recently, please try your OLD password -or- use the "Send me a new password" functionality.

Once logged in, please make sure to update your profile also since it has been restored along with your user's account data.

[Edit] For some reason, i dont know why, most of the 2014 posts are gone, the mySQL repair apparently wiped them. I will try to get them back but... no promise. Very sorry for that.

Other than that, if you notice any problems please get in touch with me.

Torsten / Antarion / Sherazarde
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Post by Mafti »

thanks mate! :)
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Post by Mart »

Ya, Thanks Ant!!

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